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Recently Separated Vets Receive A+ Credit Rates During the Month of November!


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Thank You to All Veterans!


  • “I have always received exceptional care and everyone at BFCU has treated me with respect and has worked with me on a personal level. It’s a greater level of care than I have ever received from the big banks. My friends at the Boston Firefighter Credit Union don’t forget about me after hours. I get emails from my service representatives to guide me through whatever challenges I may have, no matter what time it is. As a service member, I was deployed for over a year and it was very stressful on my wife, but BFCU was always there for her and they were there for us for whatever we needed. There is a great family atmosphere there. I even take my kids to BFCU and they feel right at home. I could not think of a better banking experience for me and my family.”

    Andrew - Boston Firefighter and US Coast Guard Serviceman
  • “Housing in the City is a major concern for our new police officers and we are thrilled to learn that Boston Firefighters Credit Union has developed a plan to help these officers buy their first home.  With all of the challenges they face in their new career, it is nice to know BFCU has stepped up to take the stress out of purchasing a new home in the city”.

    Larry Calderone, President BPPA
  • Not once in four years have I had a negative experience. The mortgage officers made a typically stressful process into a pain free experience (twice!) The level of PROFESSIONALISM, paired with the HOSPITALITY you receive from each and every employee, makes it hard to imagine banking anywhere else.
    James - Boston Fire Department
  • After a lengthy and frustrating Home Equity process at another Credit Union, we walked away. When we walked into BFCU, they were able to get it done QUICK AND EASY. What a difference!
    Kevin, - Boston Police Department
  • “We hire team members with positive personalities and high service standards. We work with them and train them to be the best member service representatives they can be. Here at the Boston Firefighters Credit Union, we offer a welcoming atmosphere from the moment that our members walk in the door. We’ve had some of our newest members, police officers, tell us that they never felt comfortable sitting and talking to someone about their banking needs before. We provide an educational experience for our members on ways they can manage and save money, which really opens their eyes. We are not just here to assist with your banking needs, we are truly here to help with just about any financial question or challenge you may have. Here at BFCU, we understand that our members’ time is valuable and the representatives working at our call centers make sure that they provide a prompt response to all inquiries. Customer calls never go unanswered here. We answer every call immediately. We have tremendous respect for each of our members, which is why they are so loyal to us. 

    Catherine Guerard - BFCU VP of Member Services
  • Our mortgage application with Boston Firefighters Credit Union was handled very professionally. They really make it easy, and it was definitely the BEST EXPERIENCE we’ve ever had or heard of.
    Deirdre - Boston Police Department
  • “I had banked with another credit union for many years and the service was horrible. I left and found BFCU four years ago. I am a 30 year veteran of the Boston Police Department and I have had a tremendous experience as a member of the Boston Firefighters Credit Union. I have found all the member service representatives that I work with to be personable and knowledgeable about my needs. BFCU is very customer oriented. As a single dad, putting a child through college is a serious challenge. When those expenses added up, I went to BFCU and I was able to get a loan when I needed one. There was no headache. I had no stress at all, so much so that I also refinanced my mortgage. I dropped an interest point and a half, and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, they made banking both superlative and easy. BFCU has always been there for me.” 

    Michael - Boston Police Officer

  • BFCU’s great rates and knowledgeable staff make it the best place to bank in Boston. They are UNITY PERSONIFIED!
    Clarence - Boston Police Department
  • My bank wasn’t interested, but BFCU was. Their CUSTOMER SERVICE is great and their rates are so low that I’m still SAVING MONEY!
    Elliot - Somerville Fire Department
  • I needed a CD with higher interest rates. BFCU CDs PAY MORE and offer lots of different term options. It was a no-brainer!
    Billy M., Sharon FD
  • “I had worked at another credit union. But when I came to the Boston Firefighter Credit Union to do some personal business, I looked around at the scenery here and how nice everything looked. More importantly, I was struck by the staff members themselves. They were smiling, cheerful and helpful. I took a moment while I waited in line to introduce myself to the assistant branch manager and asked how I could join the team. After I began working at BFCU, I saw immediately how much care that our staff has for our members. We are very empathetic toward the challenges of our members and we understand that every member’s financial situation is different. Our members appreciate the fact that we take the time to answer their questions and work with them on loans, online banking, and their member accounts. We go above and beyond for each of our members. We welcome them with a smile and a positive attitude always, and we treat all of our members like family. The best feeling that I get is when a member sends us a card to thank us for helping them with their banking.”

    Vicky M. Marte - BFCU Member Service Representative
  • Every time I step into the BFCU building it continues to blow me away at how awesome all of the employees are.  The whole process is easy, fun and super quick! I love the BFCU!
    John - Boston Police Department
  • “I feel like I’ve grown up inside BFCU and through all my years here, I feel that I have come to know our members and treat them as family. I know their spouses' names, I have learned about their kids. It’s very personal and personable. Our members feel comfortable coming in and because we know them so well, they have assurances that we will treat their bank accounts as if they were our own. We serve many veterans who get deployed overseas to war zones and they return to Massachusetts with serious challenges to their credit line. These servicemen and women have been protecting us and therefore, they may falter on their car loan or credit card.  They come back from deployment to a stack of bills waiting for them. We believe that it is our responsibility to fight for them, as they have fought for us, and help get them out of the financial hole, whether it be offering them the best rates on personal loans, or consolidating all of their debt to just one affordable payment at a low rate, one that they normally would not have qualified for. We really work hard to help them get back on their feet. It’s because of this work and our attention to our members that years later, they are able to buy a house or purchase a car with zero credit problems. We take great pride in that.”

    Kaitryn Thornton - BFCU VP Lending
  • “With the prices of homes sky rocketing in the City, it is nearly impossible for our new firefighters to afford a home.  Once again, Boston Firefighters Credit Union has stepped up to the plate by offering this amazing new mortgage.  BFCU has always had our back and they are proving how important First Responders are to them by finding a way to help keep our firefighters in the City they serve and love”.

    John Soares, President Local 718

Membership Requirement

Membership in this Credit Union shall be limited to:

  • The members of the first responder community in Massachusetts (employees and retirees of the fire departments, police departments and municipally operated EMS departments)
  • Employees and retirees of Boston Firefighters Credit Union
  • Labor Union employees and retirees thereof serving the first responder community in Massachusetts
  • Employees and retirees of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department
  • The family members of those persons listed
  • The Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts
  • The International Association of Firefighters
  • The State Police Association of Massachusetts

For the purposes of this section, the term “family member” shall be defined to include spouses, domestic partners, sharing a principal residence in the same household as the member, and children as well as parents, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, and nephews whether related by blood or marriage.

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