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Schedule of Account Fees and Service Charges

Effective May 1, 2024

First Order of Standard ChecksFREE*

Insufficient Funds Returned

(Overdraft/NSF for drafts, EFT and represented returned items)


Insufficient Funds Paid

(Courtesy Pay)

Returned Deposited Check$7.00
Stop Payment Order



Abandoned Property$100.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing)$10.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming)FREE
Account Research


(Waived for CU error)

Instant Issue Debit Card$10.00

For Members Age 18 and under or Age 65 and older***

  • Insufficient Funds Paid (Courtesy Pay)
  • Insufficient Funds Returned (Overdraft/NSF for drafts, EFT and represented returned items)




*Fees for subsequent order and non-standard checks vary by design.

**Overdraft Privilege. Overdraft items less than $25 have no fee. Overdrafts $25 and over, $30 fee, not to exceed $60 per day.

***Personal Accounts only. All other fees not listed are applicable for age 18 and under and age 65 and older.

Return item fees or paid item fees may be assessed for insufficient funds caused by checks, in-person withdrawals, or by electronic means, and each time an item (even if the item has been previously presented) is presented (other than ATM withdrawals and one-time debit card transactions such as POS purchases).


Membership Requirement

Membership in this Credit Union shall be limited to:

  • The members of the first responder community in Massachusetts (employees and retirees of the fire departments, police departments and municipally operated EMS departments)
  • Employees and retirees of Boston Firefighters Credit Union
  • Labor Union employees and retirees thereof serving the first responder community in Massachusetts
  • Employees and retirees of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department
  • The family members of those persons listed
  • The Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts
  • The International Association of Firefighters
  • The State Police Association of Massachusetts

For the purposes of this section, the term “family member” shall be defined to include spouses, domestic partners, sharing a principal residence in the same household as the member, and children as well as parents, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, and nephews whether related by blood or marriage.

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