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  • Auto Loans

    We're 46% Lower!
    BFCU2.490% APR
    Boston Metro average
    4.629% APR
    Save up to $1143 on a New/Used Car - 48 Mo
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  • Platinum Credit Cards

    We're 29% Lower!
    BFCU9.900% APR
    Boston Metro average
    13.982% APR
    Save up to $613 with a Rewards Credit Card
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  • Unsecured Loans

    We're 27% Lower!
    BFCU7.990% APR
    Boston Metro average
    10.890% APR
    Save up to $1220 on an Unsecured - 36 Mo loan
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  • Mortgages

    BFCU4.678% APR
    Boston Metro average
    4.728% APR
    Save up to $2693 on a 30 Yr Fixed loan
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  • Certificate Of Deposits

    Earn up to 168% more
    BFCU1.560% APY
    Boston Metro average0.582% APY
    6 Mo CD - $100k

  • Money Markets

    We're 238% Higher!
    BFCU1.660% APY
    Boston Metro average
    0.491% APY

  • Checking Accounts

    We're 175% Higher!
    BFCU0.250% APY
    Boston Metro average0.091% APY

  • Savings Deposits

    We're 259% Higher!
    BFCU0.500% APY
    Boston Metro average
    0.139% APY