About Us

William G. Dewan, E-10 - Retired - Chairman
Edmund M. Street, L-18 - Retired - Clerk
Daniel Magoon, District 3, Gr. 2 - Vice Chairman
Kevin Meehan, E-3, Gr. 3 - Treasurer

Charles M. Buchanan, Jr., E-24 - Retired 
Joseph Casper, District 3, Gr. 2
Sean P. Costello, L-19, Gr. 2
Ralph Dowling, FAO, Gr. 1
Joseph Finn, Fire Commissioner and Chief of Department
Robert Ford, HQ, Retired
Sean O'Brien, TL 10, Gr. 4
Billy O'Sullivan, L-23, Gr. 1
Marc Sanders, HQ, Days
John Soares, L-7, Gr. 4

John "Bernie" Winne - President/CEO
Cathy Boucher - Executive Vice President
Katie Armstrong - Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Butler - Branch Manager (WR)
Alexa Cahill - Branch Manager 
Jennifer Cook - Electronic Services Manager
Catherine Guerard - Vice President of Member Service/Business Development
Karen Guiliano - Loan Servicing Manager
John C. Maguire - Vice President of IT
Cristina Prentis - Controller
Kristen Russell - Executive Assistant
Kaitryn Thornton - Vice President of Lending

Mary Kate Alibrandi - Assistant Branch Manager (WR)
Kayla Bolstad - Mortgage Loan Officer
Liana Boyle - Assistant Branch Manager of Transactions
Elizabeth Cicerone - Electronic Services Clerk
Anna Collins - Mortgage Origination Supervisor
Joanne Concannon - Business Development Representative
Lauren Emery - MSR II
Katie Flaherty - MSR II
Elizabeth Gleason - MSR II
Arriana Hall-Gregory - Loan File Clerk
Michelle Joyce - MSR II
Tracy Kaplan - Loan Servicing Specialist
Cheryl Kehayias - MSR I
Rebecca Kulesza - Teller
Oanh Le - Staff Accountant
Shannon Lynch - MSR II
Vicky Marte - MSR II
Nancy McEachern - MSR II
Carol Noenickx - Bookkeeper
Jean O'Malley - MSR I
Lauren Payne - Mortgage Loan Officer
Brittany Perella - Assistant Branch Manager
Melinda Ramroop - MSR I
Kelly Tewksbury - Senior Loan Officer
Courtney Wells - MSR II
Bridget Yetman - MSR II

Boston Firefighters Credit Union was established in 1948. Since that time, BFCU has had one goal; to provide high quality services in a warm, friendly atmosphere with the best possible rates while operating in a safe and sound manner consistent with all regulatory rules and regulations. 

The reason BFCU was established was to assist fellow firefighters who were struggling financially.  Thanks to your loyalty and the loyalty of the firefighter generations before you, today we are a full-service financial institution. 

We are bigger, we are stronger and we strive to make your banking experience as Simple and Honest as possible.

We have made some changes by offering the same financial services to Police Officers, EMS and Suffolk County Sheriffs.  We welcome these new members with open arms and we are proud to be able to assist them with their financial needs in the same way we have been helping firefighters with their financial needs for 70 years.

But we will never forget our roots!

We thank you for always being there for us and we promise to always be there for you!

The following financials are posted quarterly:

September 2018 Income Statement

September 2018 Balance Sheet

We have two locations!

Main Branch
60 Hallet Street 
Dorchester, MA 02124

Hallet Street Hours of Operation: 
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri - 8:30am to 3:30pm 
Thur - 8:30am to 7:00pm 
Sat - 8:30am to 12:30pm

New Branch
2029 Centre Street
West Roxbury, MA 02132

Centre Street Hours of Operation
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur - 10:00am to 5:00pm
Fri - 8:30am to 5:00pm
Sat - 8:30 to 12:30pm

Phone:  617-288-2420
Member Service and Loan Dept. Fax:  857-220-2158
Accounting and Administration Fax:  617-288-8750
Hotline:  800-552-4379

Now you can skip the phone queue and text us instead!

Text us at:  617-288-BFCU (2328)
Please keep in mind that texting is not secure, therefore you should not include any personal information, such as:

  • Account number
  • Social Security Number
  • Username
  • Password
  • Etc...

Holiday Closings


2018 Scholarship Opportunities!

All applications are also available in our lobbies at both branches.

BFCU Scholarships

This year we are giving away four scholarships!

  • Two $5,000 College Scholarships
  • Two $1,000 High School Scholarships

Applications for the BFCU College Scholarship and High School Scholarship are due back to the credit union, no later than Friday, April 13th

The winners of these scholarships will be drawn at random at the Annual Meeting. 
Please be sure to read the applications for eligibility requirements.

BFCU College Scholarship Application

BFCU High School Scholarship Application

Cooperative Credit Union Association Scholarship

The Cooperative Credit Union Association offers a $1,500 scholarship for current high school seniors only.

Applications for the Cooperative Credit Union Association Scholarship are due back to the credit union, no later than Friday, March 2nd

The winner of this scholarship will be determined by the Cooperative Credit Union Association. 
Please be usre to read the application for eligibility requirements.

CCUA Scholarship Application